What are your most miserable errors and mistakes on Finacle and how did you fix them?

So every expert was once a newbie and every professional has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.

We all have messed up once or twice while working on a Finacle system as a newbie. Obviously, a long time ago, probably over a decade ago.

Now is the time to share those terrifying experiences with the Finaclestack community!

What are your most miserable errors and mistakes on Finacle and how did you fix them?


**Admin** Asked on January 24, 2020 in FinacleMOD.
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    The below case was narrated to me by a friend. He cleared all product files.

    This is his story…


    I cleared all product files!

    During my early years with Finacle (over a decade ago), I was working on a Finacle implementation project as part of the implementation team.

    I’d experienced an EOD failure due to a lack of space on my file-system.

    The sys-admin wasn’t available to increase my partition space so I decided to be smart and get some quick space by clearing the old logs, reports, and debug as I didn’t have any need for them. You know how tempting fast solutions can be.


    so! I was on a path that had some product scripts and some logs and I intended to clear the logs.

    I wanted to type;

    rm -rf *.log

    but I typed;

    rm -rf *.*

    I typed really fast and pressed ENTER. And immediately… I knew… I fucked up.

    The directory was emptied. I froze!





    I was petrified for a whole 10mins!!!


    Then I remembered I have a backup I had taken the previous day. This backup saved me.

    Since then, I take a backup every day when I’m on a project.

    **Admin** Answered on January 24, 2020.
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